for memories that are truly priceless

Just our first few family get-togethers to look at pics and videos have been well worth what it cost in time and money to do this project. I can’t even put a price on all the laughter and bonding time we’ve had as we remembered years gone by that are now permanently preserved.

Len G



Learn how, then D.I.Y
  • Class registration includes one (1) additional family member.  Together, learn how to:
  • Sort, categorize, label, and tag to make your pictures easy-to-find.
  • Decide which photos to preserve and which ones to pass over.
  • Prep photo album, video cassettes, and slides for digitizing.

Done FOR You

We organize, you enjoy
  • Our trained Photo Organizers do the work of sorting and organizing for you. 
  • Home pickup and delivery available - or simply bring your photos, videos and slides to our downtown Tyler studio.
  • Upon final delivery, all your pictures will be accessible on all your computers and devices. 


  • Convert from black & white and color prints
  • Convert to hi-resolution (600 dpi) .jpg or .tiff
  • Scan both loose photos and albums
  • Digitize all sizes up to 8.5" x 14"


  • * Convert from VHS, VHS-C, Mini-DV, 8mm, Hi-8, or Betamax to .mp4
  • * Delivered two way - streaming upload (for viewing on your devices) and full .mp4 file (for future editing)
  • * $25/tape up to 2 hours; $15/hr over 2 hrs
  • NOTE: Video can lose up to 50% after 10 years, up to 75% after 20 years


  • Convert to hi-resolution (2000 ppi) .jpg
  • Convert from 35mm, 110, 126, or 127
  • Scan matte board, plastic, or metal mounts
  • Larger format scanning available (ask for pricing)
Introductory Account with 1GB Storage for 250 Photos Permanent Membership with 10GB Storage for 2500 Photos

Increase your storage at any time

Once you've purchased your permanent membership, you have total control over how many pictures you want to preserve and share.

Choose the storage you need AND how you want to pay.

My mom’s been scanning photos one-at-a-time for years, working to preserve our family heritage.  I’ve wanted to help her, but didn’t know how until I discovered Pixologie Tyler.  This is going to really make my mom’s Christmas when we give her the gift of being finished!

Chad B

Business Owner

As a young dad and husband, Pixologie Tyler is helping connect my little kids with past generations of both sides of our family through our pictures.  Giving my kids the chance to see my childhood in digital form makes me a very happy camper!  Everyone has been so personable, professional, and knowledgeable!

Josh J

IT Team Lead

We’ll help create a custom plan that meets your needs and fits your budget