About Pixologie Tyler

How one family's dilemma created a solution for yours
Don’t you love it when a business idea comes together from personal experience? We do, too! That’s how Pixologie Tyler came into existence, and while our story seems unique, we know every family has one that’s probably tucked away in boxes and containers shoved in a closet or under a bed in their home. Our story begins with a life-changing event.

Todd and Kaye Hinkie, owners of Pixologie Tyler, had the great blessing of living next door to Kaye’s mother, Shelley, for sixteen years while their children were growing up in the Noonday/Flint area. When Shelley decided to move to Georgia to be near her oldest daughter, she faced the daunting task of packing and downsizing to accommodate a much smaller home. As part of the process she called Todd one day and said, “Honey, I’m sitting here looking at boxes and boxes of Kodak slides that I have no idea what to do with, please just take them over to your house.” Todd moved the carousels to their home and added it to their already growing collection of family photos, videos and slides in the upstairs closet, nicely tucked away out of daily sight.

Todd & Kaye Hinkie, Owners of Pixologie TylerSeveral weeks after Shelley’s move, Todd and Kaye borrowed a slide projector from a friend and began an evening ritual of looking through the collected carousels of slides from Kaye’s growing up years. It was great fun to see pictures they had never seen or had forgotten altogether. After 25 years, Todd was learning things about his wife’s family and childhood friends that he’d never known! Whenever they found a particularly striking picture, they set it aside. Two weeks and some 20 carousels later, they had unknowingly curated a “best of” slide collection of the Reid family.

As a Christmas gift for Shelley, Todd and Kaye worked to create a coffee table book featuring her family with the images from her own slides. Todd had a small accessory that allowed him to scan the slides, one at a time, into his computer where he then manually edited each photo. What had seemed like a simple idea turned out to be quite a time-intensive and tedious project!

Coffee table book ordered, Todd set out to create a video slideshow to share with Shelley as a preview of her coming Christmas gift. The Hinkies connected with Kaye’s mom and her adult granddaughter by FaceTime on Christmas morning and watched both their faces light up with joy as the pictures of the Reids taken in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s rolled by on Shelley’s iPad.

All four family members, separated by over 800 miles and over 50 years difference in age, were suddenly connected by a handful of family pictures taken over half a century earlier. On Christmas morning 2015, the Hinkies realized they had experienced something very profound and precious. Thus began the journey of looking for a way to make this kind of experience available to others.

The Hinkie family is proud to bring Pixologie Tyler to East Texas. Pixologie is already helping families organize, digitize and “foreverize” their photos and videos, preserving their family heritage for generations to come.

Why Pixologie Tyler?

Our clients are reaching out to their family and friends with photos and videos from decades gone by.

They are finding and sharing old family photos at the drop of a hat, pulled down from the cloud through their smartphones, tablets and computers.

They are helping their families recall and enjoy the best of times.

They are teaching their children where they came from and who came before them.

They are experiencing laughter and joy together around the family photo and video collection, now available at any time on any screen.

They are keeping alive the memories and stories of those who have gone before.

They are passing along their values, faith, stories and heritage to younger generations – even those yet to be born.

They are seeing differences put aside as the pics come out and everyone remembers what they have in common.

They are strengthening family relationships and renewing old friendships as they text, share, email and post.

It’s profoundly important and it’s happening. And it could be happening in your family.

It would be our pleasure to come alongside you to get the ball rolling!