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Our photo consultant gave us a game plan. After he showed me the plan, I was able to roll by myself.  It’s a great relief to have our pictures and videos organized and permanently saved for my adult children and my grandchildren.
Jerry G.

Certified Public Accountant


Why organize my photos before digitizing?

It’s much faster and easier to sort physical photos in your hand than to sort the files later on a screen.

By organizing first, you’re creating an orderly collection that will allow you to locate any photo, on any device, in about a minute. No need to turn the “photo mess” into a digital mess – organize first!


Can I just hand you my photos and you do the rest?

Absolutely! If organizing photos is something you don’t want to DO, but something you want to have DONE, just bring us your boxes or arrange for pick-up. Our staff will do the heavy lifting – you can forget about it and just enjoy the your professionally curated and foreverized collection on your phone, tablet or computer a few weeks later!

Will I be able to organize my own photos after the Photo Organizing Class?

You will! You’ll gain the hands-on experience, the practical tools and the how-to knowledge to organize your own pictures in your own space. Our clients report that they go from feeling overwhelmed to excited by the end of the one-time class. For many, learning the Pixologie Photo Organizing System is all the help they need to create a lasting family collection in just a few weeks – all from pictures taken over many decades.

What if I find the DIY Photo Organizing just isn't for me after I've taken the class?

No problem! Schedule a Photo Organizing Consultant for one-on-one help in your own home. We’ll even give you credit for the cost of the DIY class.

We felt lost and confused.  We’ve had lots of desire and ability, but we didn’t have a procedure to go about organizing our pictures and videos. The professionals at Pixologie Tyler helped us be effective in getting this taken care of when I just didn’t see any way.

Steve B.

Business Executive, Golf Professional