In the winter of ’87, a beautiful baby boy was born.


His family was immediately smitten.
Jan and Jerry stared at their first and only son. They couldn’t stop staring at him.

He. was. perfect.


They named him




A few minutes after birth, the doctor did all the normal tests, but Justin’s tests

were. not. perfect.


The next moments were a blur. One minute Justin was cuddled in their arms and the next he was in a mobile incubator.


The only word Jan and Jerry heard next was “helicopter.”


Suddenly Justin was in the air ahead of his parents in the car, the family speeding to a hospital 100 miles away.


What goes through a parent’s mind when their tiny newborn is whisked away in an enormous helicopter?


Picture the helplessness and fear. There were no pictures of the images in their minds.


But there were pictures of the steady paramedics and the selfless nurses unloading Baby Justin in his incubator and whisking him inside to the waiting doctors.


And there were pictures of relieved friends and caring nurses as Justin steadily improved and headed to his home for the very first time.


Today, Justin can look back on these pictures and see his mother’s unconditional love.


He can see his father’s overwhelming delight in his first and only son.


He can see his big sisters’ excitement.



He will have these pictures forever to look back on and remember…


that his very life…



is a gift.



Our thanks to the Garretts for allowing us to share this family story with you.