Photo Scanning Service Tyler TX
Overwhelmed and wondering what to do with your videos and pictures?

Pixologie Tyler can help get your vids & pics out of the boxes and onto everyone's screens!

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We convert video from
VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Mini-DV, 8 mm video, Beta


We scan
Color Prints, Black & White, Polaroids, Photos in Albums, Framed Photos



We scan slides from
Kodachrome, Ektachrome, 35mm, 126, 127, 110 (2″ x 2″)


We’ve recently lost both our mothers and we have all of their pictures. Now we can bring everything together in one place. I’m excited that the finished product is something our family and their families will be able to enjoy forever. It’s a good thing.

Buddy & Suzy M

Retired (and Active!)

Your memories are at risk.

Defend your photos

Time, disaster, and water are out to get them.

Future-proof your past

Preserved online for your lifetime + 100 years

Experience the relief of decluttering and the joy of connecting!


Take back your closet

The boxes don’t need that space as much as you do.


Help your family slow down and laugh

A few taps to share pics from the past might just make that happen.

3 steps to creating your digital photo collection

Get Organized

Pixologie Tyler Photo Organization Company

Our Photo Organizing Consultants will guide you to tackle the mess as you learn the Pixologie Photo Organizing System. You’ll go from feeling overwhelmed to excited in just a couple of hours.

Get Digitized

Pixologie Tyler Photo Organization Company

We will convert your photos, videos and slides locally at our Tyler, Texas studio. No need to risk putting your irreplaceable memories in the mail.

Get Foreverized

Pixologie Tyler Photo Organization Company

Your collection will be available at your fingertips on all of your devices. Our online storage solution is permanent, private, and secure – guaranteed to outlive you by 100 years.

I love that we had steps on how to get there and a time frame – it was a little bit of work, but also exciting! Having an organized plan made me feel good about our family photo project.

Ginger K

Elementary Teacher